• Hayley O'Neill

We are worth it, we promise!

September 25th will now always be a special day for JHB as back in 2017 it was the day Andy Henry officially took ownership of the salon.

Andy and Lindy have worked hard to give the salon a fresh new makeover, step up the quality of work even more with various courses and on going training and to give the best service to our wonderful existing clients and all our new clients.

We keep the salon up to date with the best quality products, tools and new techniques to give the best finished look that we can.

During the last 12 months we have strived to keep the whole JHB experience at a competitive price but due to yearly inflation we will be slowly introducing a small price rise to some of our current services.

You can check out our Price Guide in the Services tab on the website or just phone the girls if you have any queries. 

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