• Hayley O'Neill

Tomato Tomahto, Potato Potarto, Shampoo?

Its a confusing heading we know but then again so is picking shampoo and that's what this is all about. Which shampoo and hair product in general is right for you.

Now I'm sure you're already thinking this is just to make us more money; it’s much more for your benefit than ours!

At JHB we use the products we sell here at home, in our own hair and test them out so we know we are selling you the best stuff around.

Now we know how tempting supermarkets are - you go in there for bread and walk out with a litre of connoisseur ice cream, a bag of sour patch kids and a heap of regret. But the biggest regret you'll have is buying your shampoo, conditioner or god forbid a packet dye from woolies or coles!

Shampoos and conditioners from the supermarkets are full of detergent and silicon.

The detergents used in these products literally strip that colour you have just paid good money for.

Do you buy a car and not spend "that extra" on insurance? Of course you don't!

So coming in to a salon and spending $150 to leave as a beauitful glossy brunette and then using your $4.50 Pantene on it, that is going to strip it out within 2 wash. Makes you feel like you got ripped off on your new colour, when really, you did this to yourself #thetruthhurts

Now lets get to the silicon content- supermarket conditioners are loaded up on this so you think that your hair is shiner, softer and therefore healthier! This is a bigger lie then that ex boyfriend saying she was "just a friend"

Lets break it down, like that boyfriends lies! #strongindependentwoman

Silicone is plastic

Plastic is shiny

Therefore they put silicone in your conditioner so your hair looks shiny.

This is NOT the shine we want!

Wanna know what else? it will weigh your hair down, making it look lifeless the longer you use it. So you think at first is a miracle but really its the devil. Honestly the more we talk about this the more its sounding like your ex right?

Wanna know the worst part though? it builds up on the hair and prevents salon hair colours, proper conditioners and treatments penetrating through all that silicone. So it has a long term effect on your hair. This leads to some serious breakage, it basically strangles each individual strand and all those good essential ingredients your hair needs from salon brands can't get through.

Now let us explain about the products we sell. They are designed to condition the hair even when shampooing to ensure as little colour fading as possible, Joico assures us that by using their Colour Endure range your colour will last up to 30% longer. There conditioners are also designed with a Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex which has the technology to go deep into the hair shaft and find the damaged areas and fix the problem.

Not only are our products much better for your hair they do also work out very cost effective, like your new boyfriend who actually has a job. You need a lot less of them than the supermarket products, we recommend you only need an amount of a 20 cent piece per use.

We also recommend you shampoo the hair twice, the first shampoo breaks down the water barrier then the second shampoo is what really cleans the hair, then finish with conditioner, or do a treatment in between your shampoo and conditioner.

To quote a hair legend-

Billy Madison: Shampoo is better! I go on first and clean the hair! Conditioner is better! I leave the hair silky and smooth! Oh, really, fool? Really! (Notices gold swan on edge of tub) Stop looking at me, swan!

Shampoo & Conditioner are both important as long as you're getting them from the professionals!

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