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more bonds for your buck$

Have you ever wondered if Olaplex is worth your hard earned money?

In short absofrigginlutely!

In long continue reading below!

Olaplex is the first and only product of its kind. Unlike anything we have had on the market before Olaplex doesn't mask the problems of damaged and dry hair its repairs them!

It does this through its bond multiplying technology. Olaplex literally goes into your hair and finds the broken disulphide bonds and repairs their individual cross links completely #crazyright

Olaplex works on all hair types from damaged blondes to thick virgin hair! #olaplexdoesntdiscriminate

How is this different to my current treatments you may ask. Protein treatments and moisture treatments work in a different way to Olaplex but they still have a place in your haircare routine. They temporary repair and strengthen damaged hair by filling in the small gaps and holes in the cuticle. Olaplex however is a permanent repair treatment; it repairs those big gaps that moisture & protein cant tackle alone! #teamwork

Although we think so highly of this amazing products you still cant do a Kim K in day! Unless of course you got those Kardashian Dolla Dolla Bills Ya'll! So please bare that in mind.

So whats the go with all the steps?

  • No.1 is the strongest of the steps with 100% activate ingredient. It is done in salon, in your colour, in your toner, in your lightener or in a mixture of water for a full treatment.

  • No.2 has 15% of the activate ingredient it is generally used directly after no.1 in salon but can be used as a stand alone treatment in salon.

  • No.3 is the little underdog although it only has 12.5% of the activate ingredient it is a lifesaver for at home use! You don't even have to have step no.1 & no.2 done to use it!

Considering No.3 is what you'll be taking home with you lets teach you how to use that bad boy!

Firstly ask yourself how dirty are you? If your hair is oily, you been working out all week, your like us and only wash your hair for a special occasion then for gods sake women get in the shower and shampoo your hair once. If your the opposite to us and have clean hair to start you can go ahead and just wet your hair down.

  1. Once your hair is wet, towel dry and apply! Start with a 50 cent piece size and then comb through with a wide tooth comb.

  2. We recommend leaving the no.3 a minimum of 10 mins and a maximum of 30 mins. Although it won't do any harm to your hair leaving it longer this magical treatment doesn't need it. Olpalex no.3 only works while the hair is wet so leaving it on longer really serves no purpose unless your really strapped for time (Mel often's wears hers wet to the gym and showers after #twobirdsonestone)

  3. That 30 min flew by unless of course you were on the treadmill that whole time! Now your ready to shower and wash your hair as normal, we always recommend two shampoos and then conditioner.

  4. Apply your usual heat protector/styling products and style as normal

Love Mel & Hayley aka mmeellllyy & haylzyo #themelandhayleyshow

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