• Hayley O'Neill


We are a family here at JHB and we see you guys as our extended family. We have always tried to keep our prices down and make getting your hair done affordable for everyone but as we all know sadly each year things go up. It happens everywhere, remember when a happy meal at maccas was like $3 and now it is almost $6! But no one really questions it.

Don’t you worry though we will never be a business that is a shock every time you go there. We want to aim for our price guide to put your mind at ease for what your service will cost.

We have very high standards of work at JHB and we only use the best colours, products and tools to give your hair the best quality and finish with every visit. There is so much knowledge and skill that goes in to our job that you can’t put a price on. Each year we do more training, courses, learn new techniques and better ourselves as hairdressers which in turn gives you a better service.

Please find our price guide under the "services" tab on our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your pricing.

Don’t forget that we are now a Sustainable Salon and we have a $2 Green Fee per visit to assist with that. We do have a lot of clients that come in weekly, and they will incur a $1 Green Fee per visit.

We have taken a photo of the main tools we use for our haircuts so everyone can see how much goes in to our service.

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