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Humidity Whaaatt?!

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Have you constantly struggled with frizzy, thick, unruly hair? We have a solution for you!

Agave Keratin Smoothing Treatment is considered "natures smoothing product". The smoothing treatment uses the sugars from the agave plant. It contains no formaldehyde or derivatives making it a safe but effective treatment.

The treatment gently alters the disulphide bonds and reforms them to give your hair a much smoother and sleeker finish.

The treatment lasts up to 12 weeks, for best results we recommend continuing the treatment every three month. You must use the Agave home care range to maximize the results.

The treatment is suitable to almost anyone including blondes but sadly if you have ever had Henna as a hair dye or a tattoo we can not use the Agave products on you. This is also the case for metallic hair dyes.

The sugars from the plant ensure the hair remains hydrated and conditioned during the service and with the help of the take home products you will really notice the difference.

Have you ever or always wanted to wash your hair, blast it dry and look like you have just been to the salon for a blowout?! Well thanks to Avage this is now more possible then ever!

Check out the pictures below to see the results done by the girls at JHB

Mels hair when she came into the salon > After treatment blowdried without a brush >

After treatment blowdried and smoothed out with a brush

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