• Hayley O'Neill

do you even know what your doing mate?!

Have you ever got home after dropping some serious $’s on some fancy product the girls have sold you an thought #wtf

How do I use this? When do I use this? How much do I use? What am I doing with my life? 

Because trust us, we have too! 

Lets put all this down; flip it, reverse it and take it all the way back to the basics!

Shampoo - you’ve been using it since you were a kid. Don’t be scared though, when you were a kid your mum would get that all up in your eyes - you’re the adult now, you are in control! #jesustakethewheel 

It may seem like a pretty simple thing and it sure is so lets not over complicate this. You jump in the shower, wet those luscious locks thoroughly, squeeze out about a 20 cent piece size (I know, no one really uses cash anymore so you might have forgotten what a 20 cent coin looks like, but the point is you do not need much).  Apply this to your hair and emulsify that through your roots.

Our roots get the dirtiest. They produce natural oils and need the most attention with your shampoo #needy. You may notice that its hard to get a good lather on the first shampoo, this is why we always recommend doing it twice #needyaf. So give that hair a good half rinse leaving some shampoo still in your hair, and then add another 10 cent piece size and feel the difference in that cleanse and amount of foam!

If your not already shampooing twice you’ll really notice the difference! #gamechanger

Conditioner- conditioner is better because it smooths the hair #stoplookingatmeswan 

Lets be honest, conditioner is better! Unless of course you’re using it wrong and ending up with oily hair after just one day! #notgoals

You know how with shampoo you were focusing on those roots, well conditioner is your ends go to gal! Because our roots do produce their own natural oils, its hard for those oils to get all the way down to the ends which is why they need all the conditioning! As with the shampoo, we recommend using a 20 cent piece size and running that from your mids down to your ends, and then using a wide tooth comb in the shower to spread the conditioner through your locks. We suggest leaving it in for 2-5mins before rinsing out. 

If your still confused about what to do, don’t forget you can call us any time.  Stay tuned for our next blog on how to use styling products and treatments!

Love Mel & Hayley

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