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It’s been a while friends!

2019 has been bus-say for our lil salon but we are coming back with the newest game changer from Joico!

Joico Defy Damage is in the hoouuussseeee *Please read that imagining the girls holding a big glittery microphone and acting like we work in a nightclub*

Now why are we making a whole blog about one new range.

Firstly, the packaging at the moment is amazing remember that glittery microphone you were just imagining now image that as a cute travel makeup bag, that is what your products will come in!

Secondly, its new and we love new stuff.

Thirdly, anything that is going to protect, strengthen and transform the look and feel of our hair we want!

Defy Damage is perfect for all hair types and protects against the effects of UV exposure, heat styling and environmental pollution. Not only does it protect it strengthens the hair and rebuilds in from the inside out. After 10 shampoos it’s been shown to increase colour vibrancy by 90%. Using the shampoo and treatment masque hair is 5 x stronger and has 80% less breakage!

Our favourite instant thing about this product is you will notice the shine and softness of the hair straight away!

We currently have Defy Damage Packs with the four products from the range for only $64.95.

It includes a full-size shampoo which has a beautiful lather and thoroughly cleans the hair while leaving it extremely smooth and shiny.

A full-size conditioner that is filled with moisturiser and helps build resilience in the hair without weighing it down.

A full-size Protective Masque that goes deep in to the hair with its bond strengthening system. We recommend using this one once a week in between your shampoo and conditioner.

A trial size (which btw is still 50ml which is half the full-size amount) of the leave in Protective Shield, this guards against thermal and UV damage, pop it in before styling.

This is a product we will continue to stock but if that sounds like something you need call in to the salon while we have these awesome packs to save some $$

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