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Confessions Of A Hairdresser

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Confessions is meant to make you feel better right? Well, hopefully, this works!

Now we are telling you all this so you do not do this at home yourself!

You know when you go to the hairdressers and you show us a picture and we explain that it's going to take a few months to get it that colour and it will be a bit of a process to keep the condition of your hair? Well us - we think those rules don't apply to us.

I'd like to say I snapped my hair off in the name of science for a bit of an experiment to see how well hair recovers but no, really it happened because I'm impatient.

If you have been coming to JHB for a while now you would have noticed that I love a change! I've been blonde, red, dark brown, purple, blue and pastel my little pony! That takes its toll.

Every time I'd ask my amazing hairdresser Mel fora new do she'd explain that it was a terrible idea and then I'd guilt trip her into it, sometimes I'd even lie and mix up a stronger bleach to get it extra light. Which leads us to the picture below.

Damaged - Uneven - August 2017

I finally realised my hair couldn't take it any longer. So I sat down in the chair and told my trusty hairdresser I needed a fringe. We cut off the most damaged parts of my hair and trimmed off all the dead ends. Now, did I want a fringe? Not really but I needed one. The only sure way to fix split ends is by cutting them off. If we don't cut them they will continue to spilt further and further up the hair and then you will end up with much shorter hair then you want. After my cut, I asked for an Olaplex treatment. I was using the Joico Blonde Life Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment at home and doing Olaplex No.3 at home about once a fortnight.

Fringe in May 2017 - December 2017 - One Year In Fringe Growth

I picked a colour, a natural blonde balayage and stopped dying my hair every time I got bored and enjoyed having healthy hair!

June 2018 - Healthy - No Extensions -Thick

Sometimes to get the hair we want we do get our hairdressers to push it more then they should or we go to someone who doesn't know what is best for our hair and we end up with damaged, dry, brittle hair. Sometimes we just straighten our hair wayyyy to much.

But in the hands of JHB this can be repaired!

Our top tips!

  • Olaplex Steps 1, 2 in salon and no.3 at home

  • Good quality shampoo, conditioner and treatments

  • Good quality tools i.e GHD straighteners not a cheap Remington

  • Sticking with a colour, not changing your mind all the time

  • Picking a hairdresser or hair salon like JHB to look after your locks not just finding the cheapest deal every time

  • Patience - it will take time

Mine honestly took getting a fringe is May 2017, cutting a fair bit off in August 2017, taking the big step of getting a bob again in December 2017 and now June 2018, thickest and healthiest my hair has been in ages! I couldn't have the hair I have now without those haircuts, Olalplex & Joico!

Love Hayley xx

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